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Faywood Hot Springs 
Faywood Hot Springs, a geothermal spa resort in southwestern New Mexico

Wilbur Hot Springs 
a true Sanctuary for the Self, nestled in a private valley of an 1800 acres in CA

Harbin Hot Springs 
non-profit retreat and workshop center located in the wine region north of San Francisco.

The Sauna of Pinhas 
Israel Hot Tubes

Deep Creek Hot Springs 
Palm Springs, CA.  
Deep Creek Hot Springs is considered to be one of the ten best hot springs in the West. Nudity is very common there. On weekdays you can enjoy the hot-pottin' solitude by yourself or maybe with a stranger or two. 

Gila National Forest Hot Springs
From tall ponderosa to golden desert to high mountain peaks, the Gila National Forest offers a veritable smorgasbord of natural wonders. 

McCredie Hot Springs  
Information on Hot Springs by State

Harrison Hot Springs 
 British Columbia Located north of Highway 7, near Harrison Lake, Harrison Hot Springs is visited by travelers from all over the world. Guests soak in the famous springs, windsurf, boat, parasail, or hike around the lake. Mountain goats frequent nearby Sasquatch Provincial...

Serpentine Hot springs
A view from the East of the bunkhouse-style cabin (foreground) and the bathhouse (backround) at Serpentine Hot Springs. 

Mount Princeton Hot springs 
You will find a dream location. Mountain Peaks in excess of 14,000 feet will surround you. Hot springs that are 135 degrees at the surface will melt away your cares. Dine on gourmet meals and stay in comfortable, yet affordable Resort.

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