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Van Tan Club
 The Van Tan club provides a rustic, relaxing, private park for the enjoyment of social nudism.

Wreck Beach 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sunshine Manor 
A Bed & Breakfast in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Best Guide for U.S. and Canadian Nudist Clubs/Resorts
AANR has a map of the U.S. and Canada with links for each state and province to local clubs/places/resorts.

Sunny Chinooks Association
Sunny Chinooks is the only Nudist Club in the Calgary, Alberta area.

Sunny Trails Club
Is located in the heart of the recreational area of the Fraser Valley with a variety of accommodations and recreational facilities.

The Grand Barn
Ideal place for staging concerts, theater, video/movie projections and most of all as an indoor sport complex/center.

Federation of Canadian Naturists
General information about Naturism and Canadian Naturism

Information on resorts and clubs by area in Canada


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