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Britney becomes an honourary nudist!.
Irish nudists are making Britney an honorary member of their organisation

Body image a West Virginia U. concern
(U-WIRE) MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- According to the West Virginia University students surveyed, body image has become an increasingly controversial topic among students on campus.   

Grandmothers Bare All for New Curtains
CANBERRA (Reuters) - A group of elderly Tasmanian women have bared all in a nude calendar to raise money for curtains for their local community center.  

Out of site, out of mind
WHEN a French couple holidayed at a naturist campsite, it wasn't only their clothes they left behind.   

 Judge fines bikini protester
A man who complained to police that his neighbor's bikini was too itsy-bitsy has been ordered to stop harassing the woman, who owns a topless maid service.  

Toplessness in New York's Central Park
Shocking as it may be to some, the topless MacGregor is well within her rights.   

Skinny-dip beach bans violate rights - lawyer
The beach bans Tantallon Mounties issued against nudists at Crystal Crescent this summer are an infringement on their rights and probably wouldn’t hold up in court, says a civil libertarian lawyer. 

 All Undressed and So Many Places to Go
In what some see as a sign that Americans' cultural mores may be shifting along with their tan lines, this scene is being repeated at hundreds of public beaches throughout the country.   

House buyers warned about naked neighbours
A naturism clause is being included in the contracts of houses being sold on a Dutch estate. 

Women's team poses nude to boost interest
VILNIUS - Members of the Lithuanian women's basketball team have posed nude for the country's leading magazine on the sport in an attempt to boost interest in the European Championship starting in France this weekend.  

Linda Gray Comfortable in the Nude
 LONDON (AP) - Former "Dallas" TV star Linda Gray says she isn't at all bothered about appearing nude in "The Graduate." 

Going from buff to fluff, she has unloaded one lifestyle for another
Lisa Budnick has been liberated by laundry. Which is ironic. For 20 years she was a nudist, preferring, whenever possible, not to wear clothes. Now she supports herself by washing them.  

Strip Aerobics Is Hot in Los Angeles
WASHINGTON (AP) - Lots of exercisers take off a T-shirt when they get hot, but these aerobic dancers might not stop there. 

Bird Island bathers often a shock to clothed tourists
SUNSET BEACH, N.C. | Nature-lovers are seeing more than they bargained for at Bird Island, where nude sunbathers have been spotted working on their full-body tans.   

St. John's Cracks Down on Nudity
CRUZ BAY, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) - Park rangers have begun to issue $50 fines for nudity on a beach in St. John's, which has long been a clothing-optional getaway.   

Sixty nudists left stranded on beach
SIXTY naturists were stranded on an East Sussex beach after council workers took away steps leading up a cliff.  

Dear Abby condones nude hot tubbing?
The other day, did you read Dear Abby's column in which she revealed that she condones friends and neighbors socializing in the nude in their hot tubs? 


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