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About Being a Nudist/Naturist
Good article by George Muss.

Telling Your Friends: A how-to on introducing your friends to naturism 
From the Young Adult Naturist site.

Why Get Naked?!
Deals with possible objections as well as positive reasons.

How to Introduce Your Friends, for Single Men and Others 
From the Bare Buns Family Nudist Club.

Is it OK for our kids?
Quotes on how children are open-minded enough to know there's nothing wrong with being nude.

Familial and societal attitudes toward nudity, and the effects on children's development
Different Studies and Opinions

The Bible Society and Nudity 
Excellent biblical research on the subject

Why Nude Recreation?
a Christian perspective

Tell 'em You're a Nudis
From Cybernude.

Nudity: Inappropriate in front of the kids?
An expert on family health says it isn't.

Why Be Nude?
Survey and responses from Cybernude readers



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